Saturday, August 27, 2011

An Apple a Day

As I've mentioned Jared started school this week and WAS SO THRILLED to have his very own 1st day of school picture taken as he was rushing out the door. He had a good week. They are working into the school year slowly, which, is nice. This week they had 3 days with students, next week is a 4 day week and so is the following due to the holiday. I LOVE long weekends so that will be nice.
The boys enjoyed counting the apples also. Alex is SO into counting. It is fun to watch. I said something the other day about my 3 children though and he said "Mom, you don't have 3 kids, you have 2." I naturally figured he was leaving out Addie but I am pretty sure he was counting Addie and Eli and forgot himself. It was cute.
This morning I "suggested" (begged with pleading eyes) that Jared take the boys on an errand that he had to run so that I could chill while Addie napped. And chill I am. :)

Other than that we are heading to the park and then church tonight. I love these kinds of Saturdays.

I couldn't resist adding these picures of Eli on an 80 degree day. There is no middle ground with Eli; he is either in underwear or winter gear apparently. Thank goodness we are at home often so he can express his "creativity" through clothing, right?
I'm not sure when I am going to break it to him that this snowsuit is a bit small for him this year.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The appples look wonderful! Glad you got some "me" time.

Candice said...

Apple looks so sweet. I like it. Can I have some?