Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday/Day 2 {A week in the life}

Had another ENT appointment today for Addie. She, as I mentioned before, has low tone hearing loss which is hearing loss nonetheless so they will repeat hearing tests every 6 months forever, I guess. They will also do a CT scan when she is two to see if the hearing loss is due to bone growth. If it is it will most likely continue to deteriorate over time. Right now though, no hearing aid.

I threw a double whammy at her and we got her lab work done afterwards. I had mind done too. We both survived and she doesn't seem to be holding it against me.

Her battle scars. :)
Cheerios ALWAYS on the floor at this stage. Thank goodness for our dustbuster.
The boys endured both appointments without getting too out of hand so they got a little McD's. This was a HUGE treat because they are getting tired of all the chicken and veggies we've been eating.
You can't talk about this stage in our lives without discussing the milk. We are BIG milk drinkers. Jared and the boys LOVE it. Addie just switched to whole milk from formula. The boys do 2% and Jared and I drink skim, hence the 3 different kinds but there are almost always 2-4 gallons in the frig. Jared is always having to stop on the way home to snag another because we've run out of one kind or another.

The boys running circles around me, literally.IMG_2809
Alex didn't nap so he was the first out of his room which meant coloring time with Mommy.IMG_2813
He wanted to take a picture of me "drawing" too. Let's just say my artistic talent peaked in the first grade.
Daddy brought home the big mower today, which, means rides for the boys.
A book I am reading. It is kind of just make me realize we do a pretty good job at keeping things simple, although there are a few tips I have really appreciated. It is worth a read.
Bathtime with the brothers.IMG_2865
Eli rocking out. I love how hard they can make each other laugh. LOVE it.

Alex's rocker attempt. IMG_2884
Post bath snuggles while I dress Eli.IMG_2891
Night time snack for Jared and I. With no butter or salt, of course. I am TOTALLY kidding. We had both. :) This was a nice treat. Jared is down 43 lbs. AMAZING!!!!!! I am down 22, which is pretty exciting also!
Goodbye, Tuesday!

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Liz said...

Just catching up again and must have missed how you are losing the weight. Congrats on the weight loss. I am just getting on board with starting with adding exercise to my life. I really love your blog! I tired to post tonight on mine and blogger was actin gup I guess but I'm getting back into it. Good to read things are going well with your cuties.