Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I *heart* Moms!

***edited to add: My phone is safe. It actually fell out of my pocket in their bedroom.

As usual as things heat up on the mom front I gain a whole new level of respect for Mommies everywhere. Eli was throwing up most of the night last night and just fell asleep. Alex was up most of the time too because he is sick with a cold but also because it is hard to clean a child's sheets, clothes, and your own clothes, and allow anyone else in the entire household to rest. Jared is off to work and despite my lack of sleep I would have paid money to go with him. Poor Eli is so pitiful. :( I seriously don't know how people do this. I am impressed that other Moms live to tell about it. I am actually MORE impressed that they don't tell the ENTIRE universe that they conquered a case of the pukies AND survived without having a nervous breakdown of some sort. I am on my 5th outfit since 4am as is Eli and he is on his 3rd set of sheets AND my couch cushion covers are being laundered as we speak. Wow, this is hard stuff. On top of all this I am not sure where my cell phone is. I grabbed it as I ran down to launder clothes so that I could hear it if the Dr. called but I cannot find it now. I have this strange fear that it is being "laundered". I really hope not but it would be a funny thing to add to my day. I guess I should go and see if my phone is dried and pressed yet. I guess I should also grab some sleep while both the boys are sleeping! If NONE of this post makes sense I blame the fact that I have been up since 2am.


LauraC said...

Oh I tell everyone and I mean EVERYONE about the time Nate and Alex had a TEN DAY puking virus when they were THREE MONTHS OLD. And our town had an e coli scare so we had to boil water and sterilize bottles after each use. And poop shot out of Nate's butt and hit the wall at 3AM.

I actually called a friend crying asking if parenting got any harder than that. Their answer was no and it's never been that bad again.

Liz said...

oh man! How terrible. I hope everyone recovers quickly. Ours was a pretty quick moving virus but the fatigue lasted a few days after. Good luck!

rachael said...

oh no, i hope that the boys feel better soon. poor little guys!

and i hope you didn't wash your phone!

monica said...

I hope your cell phone wasn't in the laundry and that you have found it by now. I also hope that Eli is feeling better soon!! I hate it when kids are sick.

Becky said...

Laura~ I am glad that I am not the only one who needs to relive the story for others.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I am hoping it passes quickly and SO FAR Alex isn't throwing up so we are praying it stays that way!