Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's that time of the year!

In the past my sisters and I (at my urging) get together and make cookies at Christmas time. Last year we made delicious peanut butter balls (aka buckeyes) and I blame them for an additional 5 lbs that I now need to lose along with several others. So this year I decided not to make any cookies. I thought I should double check with Jared though because I know that he enjoys my baking. We decided that I would just make peanut butter blossoms (1 batch) and that would be all. I then remembered that the boys couldn't have peanut butter yet so I decided I would attempt sugar cookies AGAIN. For some strange reason I find it necessary every year to once again prove to myself that I am incapable of making pretty sugar cookies. This year I got a new icing recipe and was convinced that I would be able to pull it off. I just did round cookies and thought that I would start "simple". Here is the result.

Yah, I know. Sadly enough these are one of my better attempts. My worst one, to date, was the year that my snowmen and women looked like accident victims. Ah well there is always next year! Actually I think I am "hanging up" my sugar cookies tradition and will continue making peanut butter blossoms since they are Jared's favorite and next to impossible to screw up. Thankfully my boys loved them despite their messiness. Thanks guys!

Other than my cookie baking we are just enjoying Christmas Break. I love the fact that today I had to stop and think what day of the week it was since we have had little structure. The good news was it was only Tuesday which means there is still almost 2 weeks left of Jared's break AND he is able to walk now without crutches. We are thrilled and feel extremely blessed that we are all well.

I plan to add pictures but we are doing a complete overhaul on our computer and there are some bugs to work out. This post will have the infamous cookies (unfortunately there aren't any pics of the accident victim ones) on it, eventually, along with the boys inhaling them.

Eli with his cheeks full o' goodness

Alex enjoying each bite.

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