Friday, December 5, 2008

Lots of memories=Little Blogging

I find that the busiest times in my life, that are filled with the boys doing lots of new things, are also the times that I don't find the time I'd like to write about it. Oh well, such is life and I've been enjoying the living of it. :) I have no idea where to begin so I will start with BIG news. Eli is standing on his own and has been for a week(ish). (The "ish" part of that statement allows me some wiggle room because to be honest I am not completely sure when it first happened). Moving on.....he is very proud of himself and it is adorable. I will try and snag a pic of it but as is typical in this house when I get the camera ready he will collapse onto the floor with all the humility he can muster and stop doing whatever it is he was so proudly doing before seeing the camera. Alex is completely.obessessed.with. his "Baby Bible". My sister, Molly laughed at me when she heard me utter the words "No, Alex I am not going to read your Baby Bible to you right now!" I know it sounds evil but it is a story book (a very cute one actually) filled with several songs and then followed by several prayers. It is the type of thing that is to be read and enjoyed one or two at a time but not for Alex. He wants to read it front to back and is lately hooked on "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and do not even TRY and turn the page after singing it a mere 5 times in a row because the protesting will begin and you will find it hard to understand how God actually manages to TRULY "love the little children, all the children of the world". He is a gracious God and I am glad the he puts up with all of us even the screeching ones. :) I read the entire thing front to back approximately 10 times today. No, I am not exaggerating. I do love to hear them lift their little voices and sing about how much Jesus loves them and I soak that in on a regular basis and feel incredible blessed to be able to do it so I am not really complaining.

Jared and I went Christmas shopping this week ALONE, together. We had a great time and had fun picking out presents. It was amusing, as it involved my husband and a motorized shopping cart (due to his ankle injury). Woohoo let the good times roll (literally). There is nothing like the beep, beep, beep, of one of those bad boys to set the mood for a romantic evening! :) We are enjoying getting ready for the holidays and are actually attempting to "craft". Yes, I said it! Anyone who knows me is laughing right now BUT I saw the idea for a "Jesse Tree" on one of the blogs I frequent and thought it sounded great so Jared and I set out to make felt ornaments like these. We are still in the process but I just thought it would be a great way to help focus ourselves and the boys (in the future when they can understand) on Christmas being about Christ's birth and what that means in our daily lives. I will update you on that one because honestly, Jared is probably the more crafty one in the marriage. He would probably choose a word other than crafty but he is meticulous and I am not (as I have mentioned several times on this blog). My palms start to sweat when I hear the word "scrapbook". I love all things crafty if I get to admire other's handiwork but it is just not in my genes. The craftiest thing I have done lately is staple paper rings together for the countdown until Jared gets his mobility back. I needed the visual reminder. We also put up the tree last night and it lasted an entire day and no one knocked it down or broke any of the ornaments. SUCCESS! So that is the latest in the vignettes that are my life.

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