Sunday, December 7, 2008

He's on the go!

He did it ! Eli took 4 steps...4 steps!! The boys are 19 months old and while I reiterate to everyone that they are doing incredibly, well developmentally and that although they are not walking, they are within a normal range, blah, blah, blah, a little part of me is going "hmm, I really hope he gets it soon". Well he did it just like we knew he could. He is SO excited! He actually stands and is so proud of himself that he starts to giggle uncontrollably and when he catches his balance after a good laugh he then takes his steps. It is the funniest thing to watch. We are overwhelmed by these milestones that our little 27 weekers are hitting. We have been enjoying their laughs and giggles all weekend long and just feeling so grateful that God gave us these little guys and let us keep them even though we weren't always sure we would be able to. There are days that are very trying, as I am sure all parents can attest to, but it is the moments like these that just make every one of those less "glamorous" moments fade into the background. My biggest laugh today was when Eli grabbed the syrup pitcher at the restaurant and tried to drink it like a sippy cup. He was so confused when we took it away from him. :) I LOVE that, those side splitting moments that God gives us.


Liz said...

so awesome Eli! way to go!!

rachael said...

yay eli!

Stephanie said...

Eli, you did it!!! Yes! What a big boy!