Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HELLO 1970's!

Jared's mom brought over this scarf/hat set recently. They were Jared's circa 1979 (ish) and the boys love to play with them.

After the long week Eli has had he needed a strong coffee. He had a blast playing with my empty.

The boys seem to be feeling better today. I think we are all just kind of drained. I am enjoying how extraordinary normal can be!!!


monica said...

You know my grandma just give me my stocking hats that I had during the 70's...they fit the boys perfectly. They are brown, tan and yellow colors also!

Mariah said...

I miss those 1970's. Life was easy, and everything was in my color!!!!! Glad you and the peas are feeling better!!! O yeah, glad to know Buster cheered them up. You want to have him so he can cheer them up everyday?