Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow DAY!!!

Well snow is supposed to hit us hard tonight and tomorrow and I am crossing my fingers like a 12 year old hoping for a snow day. That is one of the fun parts of having a husband who teaches. You still have the chance for these fun days of lounging (well, kind of) and to have a snow day the day before Christmas break! It doesn't get much better than that. Truth be told I am feeling pretty drained as a Mommy and Wife lately. I am sure that I will pull out of it but my sister and I were discussing this morning how it is nice to hear that other Moms have these days too. I think we tend to feel like we are the only ones who struggle with the difficulties that come with parenting which leaves you feeling a bit isolated. Sometimes it feels as if you are surrounded by woman who can do it all and you are the only one NOT conquering the world while baking a pie and raising the children. I am not sure if that is what we all try to present to one another but I am sure that I have been guilty of that. Thinking, "oh your child eats sugar and watches hours of TV (GASP)!" Well let me tell ya something this week my children have probably clocked more hours with Barney than I care to recall and are surviving almost entirely on Popsicles as to not dehydrate. So today, I am standing up to say IT IS HARD and it is normal to have bad days. I am saying that as much for me as for others. So if you can relate send me some love by praying that Michigan gets hit with some snow people!! :)

I leave you with our stellar attempt at a Christmas picture. Needless to say unless a Christmas miracle happens we will not be sending out cards. I believe this was what "pushed me over the edge", so to speak. It was not what I had planned on but I will laugh at our first attempt and plan better next year. Note to self: children don't understand that they need to look at the camera on a tripod unless someone is behind it to direct their attention. Live and Learn.


monica said...

Oh I hear you - some days (and weeks) are just tough. I think it is stages that your children go through that make there life tough and in turn makes your life tough. I hope you can soon come around to the good times!!
Yay for snow hoping that you get lots - if that you want... Also the first of your holiday picture isn't bad... You should still send it out. Hey you can only get kids to look when they want to...people tottally understand that!

Stephanie said...

Amen!! Tough days are part of motherhood. Praise God that they come then go. You are a wonderful mother! Your boys adore you. I will be praying for snow. We all need a lazy day! By the way, I love picture #2. It is real life. It makes me smile!

Liz said...

love the family pics. yes, I have thoe days too!! You are not alone. It's hard!