Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haven't you heard???

Summer is the "new" winter! Well it has been in our house :) Yes, the boys are sick again. We got a restful few weeks and now it is all back! We did manage to squeeze in a good weekend though. The boys got to go where few men have gone before them...."the Girls luncheon". In Jared's family "the girls" (Great Grandma, Grandma, Aunt Kim, Mommy, Aunt Linda and Amanda) typically go out to lunch for our birthdays and this time it was Linda's. Happy Birthday Linda! Due to Jared's playoff games the boys joined me in what would be a lovely day. We also stopped to check out Daddy's games and they enjoyed the scorching, yet beautiful, sunny weather. Sunday we attended church which is always SO good for the soul (literally) and they loved playing in the nursery. Sunday afternoon after nap we headed to the petting farm and I know this will shock some but I actually forgot my camera...gasp! I forgot it for Linda's Birthday celebration too. I am definitely slipping :) Eli was eager to hop into the pen with the animals but couldn't because Mommy had him wear his crocs and apparently this is not appropriate pig pen attire. Who knew that there was a farm version of "black tie"? He did thoroughly enjoy petting them though. Alex would act as if he wanted to touch them but when he got close enough he recoiled quickly. :) He would have been fine had we stayed there are bit longer and he could have witnessed the animal's response to other patrons. He is very careful and has to study these things and I love that about him. Sunday evening brought the all night crankies and it has rolled through until today. Poor babies but they will be feeling better soon I am sure. So there's our weekend recap on Wednesday. I am SO on top of things!

Here are my sick babies kicking back and watching "Sesame Street".
They look so grown up, don't they? :(


Harris Boys said...

poor sweet little boys. sesame street is always a good cure for a bad day.

hope they feel better soon!!

Collegegirl said...

Hope they feel better soon! It is no fun being sick when your young!

Jared & Becky said...

Thanks for the well wishes. We are definitely on the mend and back to business as "usual".