Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Results are in!

We had our developmental assessment today and it went beautifully, so beautifully, in fact, that we are officially discharged from their clinic. Both boys graduated!!! YAY! We are so amazed at their progress and the speech therapist was particularly impressed with their speech. The PT informed us that we need to encourage Alex to sit with his legs out in front of him instead of tucked behind like he always does. We will work on this and if he continues to revert to this method of sitting they will want to do further therapy with him but only if it affects his walking and other developmental milestones which doesn't seem likely based upon his progress. It is just so thrilling that these sweet boys are coming out of their "preemiehood" relatively unscathed. We also visited our NICU and thoroughly enjoyed showing them our healthy boys. It was a great day. Oh and last night we got the boys fish or "shish" as Alex prefers to call them. He thoroughly enjoyed watching them and as the fish swim around the boys walk along the tank with them. This was Jared's idea and I have to admit it was genius. We can now add "visiting the fishies" to our daily activities :)