Monday, August 4, 2008

Signs of Summer

Jared and I went to the farmer's market yesterday and picked up some corn on the cob (among other things) for the boys to enjoy. They LOVED it! We are not surprised that they literally ate it up because it seems to run in Jared's family. Teddy has been know to throw down more than a few ears of corn in a single sitting :) I must give credit to Mindy. She told me that Alli loved eating it this way also or else I probably wouldn't have thought to try it. I have to say it is much easier to clean up than those messy biter biscuits that turn into cement on the boy's faces and hands and it still occupies as much of their time.

We also picked up this new toy for the refrigerator that keeps the boys busy when we do dishes, cook, or whatever else needs to be done in the kitchen. It teaches them letters, the sound each letter makes and the alphabet song. Alex does well with putting the letter into the proper place. The first one he put in was the letter Q and it sang the "the Q says kwa the Q says kwa all the letters make a sound the Q says kwa". Eli shocked Jared and I by repeating "kwa". Very funny. I love the toy so far. They also love to throw all of the letters on the floor so I am hoping that we don't lose any. Oh and I don't want to forget while we are talking about my verbal little guys Eli also said Alex this week. He prounounces is AHH-EX! I am truly thankful for their progress. Having former-preemies I definitely don't take anything regarding their development for granted. We actually have a developmental assessment coming up so I am hoping all goes well.

It amuses me in this picture how it looks as though they are graciously taking turns. This is not the case. They are definitely beginning to have some knock down-drag out's over toys.


Linda said...

Love the pics of them eating the corn! My nephew loves his fridge phonics. He's learning all of his letters that way!

Harris Boys said...

we love the fridge letters too and yes my boys fight over it every time...wait, they fight over

love the pic of the boys eating corn, my boys won't touch corn on the cob :(

Katie said...

YAY for such healthy, wonderful, seasonal food! That looks delicious! Love the corn on the cob -I ned to try that with my girls. The boys are looking totally adorable. We also have the Leap Frog fridge toy - and I know what you mean about the knock down drag out fights over toys. Ugh! Now I can see why twin moms get 2 of everything - although I think even if we had 2 of each toy, there still would be fights. And there's always hair pulling. ;)

Liz said...

Looks like your boys enjoy the letters more than mine do. I tried corn on the cob and they threw it on the floor. :( There your boys are gnawing away on it! we have our next dev. assessment in Sept. Why do I get worried about these visits? (u don't have to answer that! ha!)

tbonegrl said...

Can you please have your boys come talk to my boys about the importance of eating vegetables? I WISH mine would eat them!!!

The corn on the cob pics are great!