Sunday, August 17, 2008

They've Taken Over!

It is official. The boys own the house. Jared and I are trying to purchase some toys that will help the boys exude their energy over the long Michigan winter. The NICU urges parent of preemies with lung issues to be cautious for their first two winters so we plan to make some sort of play room for them in the basement. Today we picked this up and decided to put it together in the living room. The boys loved it but we have to laugh at the fact that the house is no longer our's.

These pictures don't really do justice for the size of this shark.


Liz said...

I soo hear you! I can't keep up with their mess and it is EVERYWHERE!!! I'm really hoping once the playroom is done it will get better but I think I'm delusional!

Harris Boys said...

that shark looks like fun. I need to buy one for my boys...they would LOVE it. I always tell people it looks like toys r' us threw up in my