Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Countdown Begins

We received the forms for the boy's developmental assessment yesterday which always kind of throws me into a mini-frenzy. I start thinking should I have been working on that with him?? Oh the mommy guilt, does it ever end? So the questionairre was as follows:

Does your child: (My answers are in italics)
  • Scribble when given a crayon? Do people give 15 month old twin boys crayons?? Oops, rookie mistake I guess.
  • Throw a ball? Yes, although sometimes they move their arm as if they are going to throw it and don't let go which is quite comical.
  • Walk holding on to furniture? YES, I am on a roll!
  • Walk independently? Nope
  • Crawl up stairs? Yes
  • Help in dressing? Again, should I be expecting this. I would love to hand them their clothes and say "have at it" but I wasn't sure how it would go. OOH and does it count as "helping" if they try and grab their poop filled diaper and fling it while you are changing them? If so YES they have been "helping" a lot lately.
  • Turn pages in a book? Yes and if I am holding them both while reading the book (which is 90% of the time) this becomes a bit of a battle and has resulted in many a bent or torn page).
  • Imitate stirring with a spoon? Honestly, I have NO idea but I will of course see whether or not they do before August 20th.
  • Say "mama" or "dada" meaningfully? Yes, I believe they say it with as much "meaning" as they can muster :)
  • Understand simple questions? Umm, how simple are we talking? I think so... o.k. honestly I have no idea. What kind of parent am I???
  • How many words does your child say without coaching? 3 errr 4 ish (did I hear a niner in there) but uncoached hmm not sure.
  • How many body parts does your child know? OK at this point just belly but we have really been working on it.
  • Any comments or concerns? I didn't think so but now that I have read this survey should I have concerns?????
So in an attempt to act as if I know the answers to the above questions by their assessment on the 20th I managed to find some crayons and see whether or not they do, in fact, scribble when handed one. Here are the results.......drumroll please!
We use it as a phone and have very animated conversations. (ooh maybe extra points for creativitely using your imagination!)

We ponder life and decide we should try and eat these things.

and YES, YES, we actually do scribble when handed a crayon. Who knew???

I am looking forward to getting the fatter crayons for their age group and letting them color more often. I should also mention that Jared and I look forward to going to each developmental assessment. It is not really a scary test. I am truly joking about that. The boys are doing wonderfully and we are thrilled with their development. You are awesome Alex and Eli and Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of our little artists :)


Harris Boys said...

don't feel too bad..my boys are 20 months (not born early) and still only have about 10 words. They also don't imitate stirring with a spoon...maybe I'm doing something wrong too...hmmm...

glad you gave the crayons a try...my boys prefer to eat them, but they will play with them too :)

Liz said...

I know exactly what you are feeling. Our follow up is Sept. 23rd and I am half dreading all the questions I will have to answer no to. Our hospital doesn't give you a questionnaire beforehand so you go in blind. I see them developing and yes I know they are still not there yet. I am confident we will get there. We are going on vacation in two weeks and I boguth crayons and a coloring book to havae something NEW to do. I bought the crayola ones that are for toddlers. They are shaped more like little objects. I'm having a hard time finding fat crayons. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure your boys will do just fine!!

the schirano triplets said...

oh wow, those questions kind of freak me out. i don't think we are anywhere near that and 15 months is only 2 months away - ack! although...you know i have never tried a lot of that with them either so maybe they can do far more than i give them credit for :)

sounds like your boys are doing fantastic! i think the crayon pictures and captions are just wonderful and they made me giggle :)

and no...mommy guilt never, ever, ever goes away. i am at 12 with my oldest and i still feel that sting.

Linda said...

Good luck with the assessment. I'm sure all will go fine!!!