Monday, August 18, 2008

16 months old!

Another month has gone by Alex and Eli and you are doing a million new things.

Alex you
  • Say Hi, Bye-Bye, Baby, Mama and Da-da.

  • Love for daddy to show you all the pictures in the hallway and he lets you turn the light on and off.

  • You love to be sung to. Your face lights up when you hear "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Pat-a-cake", or "I love you a bushel and a peck".

  • Have learned to lift your arms to us when you want up instead of screaming :) Thank Goodness.

  • Typically don't stop doing whatever we are saying "NO" to you about until we come towards you which leads to a scramble to get down. It's very cute to watch and we struggle not to laugh at you.

  • LOVE books and hand them to us all the time. Today you handed one to me at least 6 times in a row and I kept reading it just to see if you'd keep picking it up and handing it to me. This continued until it was time for breakfast.

  • Hug us now and it melts Mommy and Daddy's hearts of course.

  • You are our sleeper and if you don't get the right amount we ALL know it. (Sorry bubby, you got this one from Mama). You also fall asleep almost every time we get into the car.

  • You are VERY stubborn and I have to tell you to lay still while I change your diaper about a million times and you still protest. The stubbornness comes from Daddy and Mommy so I guess we kind of deserve it :)
  • Light up my day with your smile

  • Love to have your teeth brushed and have 6 of them currently.

  • have been in the "Daddy Zone" lately which is really cute.

  • sang with Grandma and Grandpa a couple of weeks ago and made us all tear up.

  • Rock back and forth to music.

Eli you

  • are obsessed with closing doors behind you. I typically follow you and recently you were just sitting in your room reading with the door closed. It was very "adult" of you.

  • have been closing these doors ON your brother. As in he is standing in between a gate and the door that you are crushing him with. We are definitely working on that one with you. Poor Alex is hoping we succeed SOON!

  • Have a very toothy smile that is adorable. You have 4 teeth and love having them brushed also. Unfortunately for Mama you like to bite down while my finger is still in your mouth while I brush your teeth.

  • have a fake cry that is very funny looking and you started doing a new "camera smile" that is equally funny.

  • are a morning person and are always the first one up around here.

  • are a comedian of sorts and like to make funny faces at us so that we laugh.

  • still enjoy your bottle and cry when it ends no matter how much you've just eaten.

  • have recently converted and become somewhat of a mama's boy which I am enjoying :)

  • are like your dad in SO many ways. You've even begun to use your blanket like a cocoon much like Daddy.

  • say Hi, bye, up (utt), what (as in I call your name and you answer "what?"), Mama, Daddy (dah-tee), Alli, Why?

  • You have begun to sing.

  • Love the opening song to the Backyardigans and get the HUGEST grin on your face when it starts. You also enjoy pat-a-cake and itsy, bitsy spider.

  • wake and cry every once in a while at night and I LOVE getting a quiet chance to rock you and as I feel the weight of you on my chest I thank God for that moment.

I love you guys and look forward to seeing what next month brings. Who knows it may bring Mommy actually doing your monthly update on the correct day instead of having to backdate it. (oops, did I just admit that ???)

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