Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day 2007 and this year (Eli truly did enjoy the sprinkler despite this picture)

We had a mellow weekend which I hear myself saying a lot but in reality what is mellow about twin toddlers??? Not a whole lot. They have started having knock-down-drag-out's over toys which is delightful and not so "mellow". Anyways, we were "stuck" home a bit more than usual because we weren't sure whether or not the boys were still contagious and in an effort not to infect others we grounded ourselves. I use the term stuck very loosely because I seriously had the best weekend with my husband and children. It was refreshing. I often as a new mom think of "refreshing" as a spa weekend or a beach with Jared or sleeping in or reading a novel but in this season of my life "refreshing" doesn't look like that and I am NOT complaining (well, not today) and, truth be told, we do get to do quite a bit of reading and relaxing after bed time which is still 7 o'clock (glorious, glorious 7 o'clock). Seriously though I was able to spend Monday in the backyard with two sweet baby boys climbing into my lap slurping up watermelon at a frightening pace while Daddy was nearby grilling and later I got to watch them enjoy their first rice crispy treats. This is a rite of passage for sure :) I listened as Jared chased them down the hallway saying "I'm gonna get you" and heard Eli mimicking "I get you". We also took them for a walk around the block and they had a blast playing in the sprinkler when we got home. It was fun to watch them pull their shoulders up to their ears and scrunch their faces up as the cold water hit their faces and backs. I wouldn't trade this season for the world. I actually wish it would slow down a bit so that I can take it all in. Jared and I also seemed to have a lot more time this weekend to just talk to each other (in full sentences and everything) and read or play cards. It is possible that we found this extra time due to the fact that while putting in an Elmo video for the boys recently I somehow broke our TV in the bedroom but lets just assume that wasn't it :) OOPS!


Harris Boys said...

oh becky...those pics of the boys in the water are great. I love mellow weekends where I can sit back and take it all in. those are the happiest moments in life.

Linda said...

awww first rice krispie treats! How sweet!!!

the schirano triplets said...

sounds like a perfect weekend to me, i am so glad you all had so much fun!