Monday, August 18, 2008

Muddy Monday


Oh, it is definitely a Monday around here. I am not a "dread Monday" kind of person but today has been textbook "Monday". I got the boys dressed this morning and after having breakfast and playing inside a bit we headed to the great outdoors (our suburban backyard is probably the more appropriate term). I put the boys in their swings and began watering the flowers. I had the grand idea of filling up the pool also so that it could warm up and they could get into it after their nap. I got the boys out of their swing and as I'd suspected they decided to get into the pool in their clothes and I figured "what the heck?". It went a bit downhill when they crawled through the dirt following their dip in the pool which made for some pretty muddied little boys. No big deal, boys will be boys. I took them in bathed them and put in a video so that I could start lunch and pre-soak their outfits. I did accomplish all these things and got them down for a nap. At this point I ran the basket of laundry downstairs and discovered, as I was separating them, that the clothes were dripping with laundry detergent that I'd used to soak their shorts in. Oh well, I was washing them anyways no big deal. I washed and organized the basement a bit only to run upstairs and realize that I had trailed detergent all over the upstairs. I cleaned this up. I went into my bedroom at this point and realized I'd set the laundry basket down on the bed and detergent had soaked through my quilt, comforter, sheets, and down mattress topper. Free time, during the boys nap??? What's that???? Ugh, I guess I know what I will be doing the rest of the day. Washing, washing, washing and oh yeah washing. I write this so that someday when the boys are older and I am busy and I think for a split second "What did I do the whole time they napped when they were that age?" I will be reminded that each day came with a whole new challenge with which to fill my time :)


(oh, did I fail to mention that Alex didn't want to come inside?)


Linda said...

Oh boy...I bet that was one dirty bath after all of that mud! lol

Liz said...

Oh I so love your blog...are the boys down to one nap now? Is that working out for you?
I'm always late reading your blog. It doesn't update on my blogroll. Well, it does but days later. So strange...

Harris Boys said...

you got it right...boys will be boys...haha. I have a hard time letting my boys get dirty too..I need to let it go though.

haha at not getting anything done during nap time..stinks about the detergent all over your house.

Jared & Becky said...

Liz, Yes the boys are down to one nap and it is going quite well. They go down at 12 and I usually here them about 2-2 1/2 hrs later. I try and keep them in there until they start to fuss b/c they seem happier if they have some down time before I go in and get them. Hi Linda and Katie!