Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's New?

I have a lot of little posts in my head and thought I would pour it all into one.

We went to one of Jared's students home this past weekend for a class party and it was a lot of fun. The live on a farm and the boys were thrilled to visit. It was like little boys paradise filled with cows, hay, a bonfire, swing set, tractors, did I say hay? Anyways they went on their first hay ride and were completely enamored with the tractor. It was such a blessing to watch Alex and Jared who were seated accross from me. I wish I had a picture but my camera battery died after taking two pics. Yeah, it was torture for me but it also allowed me to soak up each minute instead of being behind a lens. After the hay ride the boys wanted to go on another one. I should mention that it was in the low 40's that night and I was faaareeeezing! Eli went up to Mr. Bruck and pulled on his pant leg once were were back inside the house and said "Hey, what doing?, what doing? I want a hay ride." It was pretty cute. The next day when I asked him if he wanted to get out his farm (meaning Little People farm in his bedroom) his eyes lit up and he got SO excited. That is when I realized he thought we were going back to the farm, oops.


This was the sun setting in front of their house. I could have taken a million pics at this place.

I also had fun being around High School Sophomores. It is always fun to watch the dynamics of this group. They informed me of a whole new type of music that involves a lot of screaming. You know you are old when you are unaware of a whole new genre of music. Anyways all I remember was the name of it sounded like "Elmo" to me. Big surprise being a mom of toddlers and all. ;)


Alex, Eli and the "grills". Eli was shy at the beginning of the night and said "I don't want to see the grills (girls)". However he warmed up fast because it was the "grills" who pushed them on swings, had hay fights with them and snuck them brownies. :)

We had Grandma's going away party also. This is actually Jared's Grandma and she is moving to South Carolina. Smart lady, if you ask me. The day she arrived there it was 80 degrees. I can't even imagine that, now! It was a bit sad to watch her say good bye to many of her loved ones. The hardest part, I think was seeing her say good-bye to her best friend. They have been friends since they were 17. My sister in law, niece and I had a good, little, cry over that one. How rare, a friend of almost 70 years. The boys really love great-grandma and she will be missed although she is coming in for a visit in May. Yay!

Great GrandmaAlex and Grandma

It's been fun this week because it has been slightly warmer here. It was 62 on Monday, which, in Michigan means throw open the windows and enjoy some fresh air. The boys and I also took a nature walk and found different types of leaves. Actually I found different types of leaves and they enjoyed hearing them crunch beneath their feet like a two year old should. Who am I kidding I still love crunching the leaves beneath my feet. :)

get your motors runnin'

On yet another random note: I find it amusing that despite their fear of costumes they ask almost nightly to walk down to a house on our street that has ghosts hanging from trees, skeletons, pumpkins and a life size Jason (or is it Michael Myers? whichever one wears the hockey mask) in the yard. They call him a scarecrow. They crack me up.

Tonight is the big night. We head to a harvest festival at church where there will be other kids dressed up but mainly LOTS of games, candy, fun, even horses. I am hoping all the hoopla will deter them from the masks and that we will still salvage trick or treating on Saturday, although that begs the question.....WHAT WILL THEY WEAR?

Well that is my VERY random post that kind of explains what we have been up to.


Sari said...

Love it! Love the tricycles! Love the sunset pic. My boys are honestly wearing pajamas on halloween. Consider it. No fuss, no muss :)

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Beautiful sunset! I know the feeling of Brrrr lately. We had had a really cold October. And I am so not ready for it. Good for Grandma moving South! I moved to NH 4 years ago and my bones are missing the warmer winters, that's for sure. Maybe one day I'll be a snowbird, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics! Im in AZ dont have to worry much bout the weather.

Liz said...

My MIL calls her best friend since birth her friend "From womb to tomb" It always cracks me up.
Sounds like loads of fun! Hope they turn around on Saturday and ask to wear their costumes. Maybe leave them lying around or something and they'll get interested.

Debbie said...

This is a fun, random post. The party on the farm sounds like a blast. I have a HS sophomore and they are fun to be around.

The World As I See It said...

Your boys are so cute!!!!

Laney said...

I'm just checking out your blog and I love it!
Your family is awesome!

I also replied to your comments on my blog. :)


Sharon said...

yeah for little boys, farms and fall! Isn't it the greatest?!

hip chick said...

There sure is a lot going on around your way. You have a very sweet family.

Aleta said...

That would have upset me about the camera battery. I love taking pictures. Sounds like the kids had a lot of fun. And oh - it's 80 degrees in New Orleans right now! Ughhhh

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been busy. Your pictures are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the bloggiverse today!

Joyfull said...

Great pictures! Enjoy the season and the fun!!