Friday, October 9, 2009

Abba, Daddy

Last night as Jared was reading to Eli (and Alex who couldn't stop bouncing around the bed) my picture taking radar went off and I new I had to get some shots of these precious moments.


I love his hand resting on his Daddy's arm

touch 2

I love Eli leaning in, intent on not missing a moment...


Then it got interesting. Apparently the story of Noah and the Ark didn't completely capture this two year olds attention. Hmmm....Daddy's ear is FUN!


His hair feels different than mine

Jared is such a good Daddy. I feel so proud of who he is.

I read this following excerpt this weekend and thought I would use it in a post on Father's Day but then I captured these pictures and thought it fit nicely.

God, Our Father by Max Lucado

"Recently, my daughter Jenna and I spent several days in the old city of Jerusalem.....One afternoon, as we were exiting the Jaffa gate, we found ourselves behind an orthodox Jewish family-a father and this 3 small girls. One of the daughters, perhaps 4 or 5 yrs. of age, fell a few steps behind and couldn't see her father. "Abba!" she called to him. He spotted her and immediately extended his hand....

When the signal changed he led her and her sisters trhough the intersection. In the middle of the street, he reached down and swung her up into his arms and continued their journey.

Isn't that what we all need? An abba who will hear when we call? Who will take our hand ewhen we are weak? Who will guide us through the hectic intersections of life? Don't we all need an abba who will swing us up into his arms and carry us home? We all need a father. "

I am so thankful that my boys have such an amazing earthly Father. I am even more thankful for our heavenly Father who gives hope to those who don't have protection in an earthly father and even to those who do.


Krystal said...

Amen! That was a beautiful post. I think one of the many joys of parenthood is understanding deeper the love that God has for each of His children. So often we think less of it, but He loves us even more than we love our own children. So amazing.

Alicia said...

i LOVE this post...we have many of the Max Lucado books and i just love them...the boys really love them too...cute photos, and such a sweet moment :)

Cairo Typ0 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

What a lovely post. :) Memories of sweet times like these are so important. Your kids are lucky to have such a great dad. :)

Raising Z said...

Those pictures are precious. I too love those little moments that show so much love. Happy Saturday Sharefest. You were a few ahead of me but I couldn't help stopping by and visiting your blog. Your family is adorable!

WhisperingWriter said...

Beautiful pictures. Too cute.

Happy SITs Saturday Sharefest!

Disney said...

This post is so sweet. And what a sweet excerpt! I didn't realize that was a word they still used!
Happy SITS day!!

Emmy said...

What a great post! And I LOVE your son's curls!
You are so right, we do have a Heavenly Father who loves us and really wants the best for all of us.

The Royal Family said...

hi i'm a late sitsta but better late than never! Cute boys, I lvoe that curly hair!