Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday: Pumpkin Pics

My little pumpkins 2007 (6 months old)

torture :)happy face

I had to add the picture of Jared looking all annoyed. We were definitely having a "marriage moment" as I like to call them. The boys were 6 months old and hadn't been out much not to mention we were approaching cold and flu season and it was incredibly windy out. We were still settling into the parenting thing. He still tells the boys each year how I almost impaled them with pumpkins (his words not mine) while trying to get pictures! :) We laugh about it now.




This year went much better!





Nicolasa said...

oh wow! look how much they've grown!

Kari said...

Awww... the pictures are adorable! It's crazy how much growing takes place in just a year!

Pregosaur said...

Awwww...your little guys are SO cute! I love it!

Cheryl said...

Very cute & a nice way to see how they've grown. Found you on SITS. Like your blog name too (it caught my eye since my store is

Congrats on the featured blogger status!

Lindsay Rudolph said...

I love the cute!! They get me excited for our family trip to the pumpkin patch. This stuff is so fun!

Emmy said...

Cute pictures! We haven't made it to a pumpkin patch yet this year.. hopefully Saturday.
Congrats on being featured on SITS!

Sara said...

Is there anything better than toddlers at a pumpkin patch? Precious little, if I do say so myself.

Karen Vaughn said...

They are so beautiful!

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Beautiful each year! How fun to watch them grow!