Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I love stickers!

1. They motivate the boys to stay in bed during nap.

2. The boys get crazy excited about something that costs $1 and last me for a couple of weeks.

3. They helped Alex survive not having a binky. Oh yes, my friends we are BINKY-LESS! :)

4. They motivate the boys to cooperate with the Dr. Although now my ped's office does stamps and Alex is scared of having his hand stamped. It still works though because I just tell him that if he is not good the evil stamp lady will get him after the appointment. ;) (Please "hear" my sarcasm here because I am totally KIDDING!)

Why I hate stickers (not kidding about this part):

Exhibit A

Case and point!

Oh well, I guess everything has a "downside" I just wish it wasn't stuck to my hardwood floor. Other than this incident bribery with stickers :) is what "works for me", on this fine Wednesday. Go and check out more ideas.


Anonymous said...

We love stickers too(but remember to take they off clothes or youll have another reason not to like em. Great post

monica said...

Oh now look what the sticker did! Not good. We only do stickers (when they remember) for going potty! They like stickers also!