Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sorry, sometimes I ramble!

It's been one of those days. Actually it was picturesque to start with. The boys slept in and Jared and I sat on the couch this morning and felt like we didn't have children at all for a minute. It was relaxing. We watched a thunderstorm pass by and talked about what in the HECK we used to do before kids??? Jared went and picked up breakfast and more importantly coffee. We all watched "Over the Hedge" and laughed, played with megablocks, played outside on their tricycles. Lovely!

ENTER: Nap time. It is DAY THREE without a nap. DAY THREE!!! This does not sit well with me. It becomes a bit exhausting. It put me in a bit of a funk. Well, that coupled with the fact that I just read "Sarah's Key" AND Jared rented the Changeling all in one weekend. NOT RECOMMENDED, both are powerful and good but a bit heavy. On top of that, Jared church softball games are on Saturday nights and therefore bedtime, bath and dinner were all mine. Jared knew that I had had it and suggested that I go out and do something with the boys. He had also mentioned yesterday that the Shark sweeper that I wanted was on sale AND we had a coupon. A light bulb appeared over my head.....RETAIL THERAPY! It works almost every time. Right or wrong, :) I hemmed and hawed about whether it was worth the effort of getting the boys ready, getting me ready, etc. but Jared said GO FOR IT! He knows me well. I packed up the hooligans (their new names until they start to nap again) and headed to Bed, Bath and BEYOND!!

We arrived and I couldn't find the right model, asked for help and was told "NO, I am helping someone else!" Swallowing my annoyance, because it seems he could have said something like "Hold on and I will be right with you", I found someone else and she was able to help me. Armed with my new cleaning tool I grabbed my plink's (love these) and got in the check out line which was SO LONG. The boys wanted "the balls, PEEEEEEEEES" so I gave in, handed them the dryer balls and decided I actually wanted to purchase them. Already, I am feeling less stressed, ahhhhh. I chat with the check out guy who tried to sell me "all things green". He was on quite a tangent but he meant well and it was a pleasant enough conversation. At this point my "funk" was losing steam.

Those who are not yet married with children may find it sad that cleaning products brought me such joy but you will get it someday. Trust me anything that makes day to day life simpler is a good find! I failed to mention that my plinks now come in lavendar which matches the smell of my Method spray. I mean, come on! (Ok I may have a slight problem.) :)

Now it was off to see the trains which coincidentally is also where I can snag more coffee. I met a nice couple with their ADORABLE son, again we had a nice conversation and it was time to head home. I pried the boys away from the trains and then "made" dinner (popped a whole grain pizza in the oven and steam some veggies), gave baths and put the boys to bed.

On the way home from the store I had called Jared and thanked him for knowing what I needed. After hanging up I was looking for some music and you will not BELIEVE what I heard. PRINCE (formerly known as) was on the oldies station!! Are you kidding me?? I was in shock and kept checking the tuner to be sure I was right. Wow, why am I afraid that I am going to blink and all of a sudden Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift will be on the "oldies" station singing about their latest heartbreak? YIKES! I quickly changed that station not ready to deal with THAT particular reality and heard Whitney Houston's version of "I will always love you". Blast.from.the.past. You cannot tell me you didn't love that song when "Bodyguard" came out. :) I feel sorry for my dear sons who had to endure Mommy singing the most powerful part of the song "AND IIIIII eeeeIIIIeeeeeIIII will always love YOU OOOO OOOO OOO OOOO" but let's face it only Whitney (pre-craziness) can hit those notes well. So I am ready for a new day and I am even more ready for Girl's Night on Thursday! YAY!

Parenthood has it's ups and downs but neither Jared or I would trade it. Nope, no way!


Alicia said...

oh no....they've hit no nap stage?? i'm so so sorry, that was a major bummer for me!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

My little guy has been pulling the no naps, too! It would be nice if it would lead him to go bed at a reasonable time like 8pm, but when he's still running around at 10pm - it's a little much. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is AWESOME. It makes me want to buy all sorts of products I don't really need. I hope your little hooligans start taking naps again soon. :)

Debbie said...

I loved all of this ramble!
It is so tough when the naps stop. But, eventually, they get old enough that you can leave them alone awake and still nap. I nap almost daily.
And yes, I too have been shocked at the oldies stations!

Genny said...

Parenthood has it's ups and downs, for sure, but I's so worth it!

Stopped by from SITS and I'm really glad I did. I recently wrote an article about preemies and I got to interview a couple of moms who have been through a journey similar to yours. :)

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by from SITS to say Hiya!

Adorable kids!

No naps? My daughter really never napped. She still doesn't sleep! LOL It is all going to hit her when she is 40 and she will probably sleep a whole year. LOL