Thursday, July 23, 2009

Napping woes continue for mom of twins...

Is it bad to laugh in your child's face when you are trying to discipline him? I just went into check on the boys and place them back into bed for the 5th time and Alex dove into bed quickly as to avoid punishment. I picked him up and looked into his face to get the point across and his entire face lit up. I started cracking up b/c I know what he was thinking. Yessssss!!!! I am out of bed. All of my hard work to break her down has paid off. SCORE!! I kept laughing and couldn't stop because he started laughing and then Eli joined in on the fun. I am guessing this is not the most effective way to discipline :)

I then realized that Eli needed a diaper change for the 2nd time in the last 45 minutes. I said "Eli, you are a pooping machine" to which he responded "I a poopy sheen". I should also mention that Eli has begun to fake sleep. He has smartened up and doesn't leave his bed he just play like a wild man IN it. This gives him the ability to fall down into "sleeping pose" and quickly close his eyes. I finally figured it out last week when I popped my head right back in and saw him quickly shut his eyes. So funny, these two!!

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