Friday, July 17, 2009

Simply Saturday

What is more simple than a prayer? Yet as a Christian of over 25 years I have learned to say certain phrases and speak in a way that I thought/think might please God or others. It has taken me a while, I will admit that, but I think I am finally figuring out prayer. It is supposed to be a conversation between you and God. A time for you to fellowship with him . Whether that be a chat, a request, a cry for help, an admittance of defeat, a moment of awe and praise for what He does and who He is, whatever is on your mind. I logically know that whatever it is He wants to hear about it. I long for the simplicity of prayer but at times I still struggle with all my preconceived notions and I manage to muck it up.

Lately, I have been stopping throughout the day when I feel led and praying with the boys. We pray for those who are sick or hurting and we mention the names of their friends and family. I don't know what they "get" yet but I hope to show them how simple it is. When something comes to mind it is like breathing you just talk to God about it. It's that easy. You can't do it "wrong" He just wants to talk with you.

So today, when I think of simplicity I think of Alex and Eli and their prayers. They are simple. They are perfect. They aren't mucky they are clear, crystal clear. Mommy could learn a lot about just relaxing and talking with my Father like they have begun doing with theirs.

Alex tends to mumble a lot but we get the idea that he is thanking God for us. It goes like this ...... mumble, mumble, more mumbling Mommy, mumble Daddy, mumble Eye-Eye, we love you Jesus, AAAA(because this is their favorite part and must be done with gusto)MEN! They are not as short as I exhibited here but if you add in a lot more mumbling, which to him is speech, you get the picture.

Eli on the other hand, clearly, for the most part, says "thank you sunshine, thank you mouth, thank you hair, thank you eyes, thank you doggies, thank you Mommy, thank you Papa, thank you moon, thank you books, thank you Daddy, thank you Ahex, AAAAAAMEN! This is every prayer you can pretty much add any noun that you like because it varies. It also varies from a couple of things to about 5 thousand! Tonight it was "thank you, thank you, AAAAAMEN!"

It blesses my heart. every. single. time. I hear them pray. It also makes me laugh on a pretty regular basis. But what I love is the fact that there are no flowery words, no phrases that are repeated because they "should" be, we don't even close our eyes half the time. It is just them being thankful and saying what's on their mind. It really is THAT simple. I am sure that when God hears His children pray, his heart is blessed just like mine is when I hear the boys AND sometimes I bet we even make Him laugh :)

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Reviewer11 said...

I admit, I have trouble too with saying a prayer. But I'm still trying, and I say keep trying too. **hugs What's wonderful is that God loves us all.

From a SITStah. :)

emma (toddler awesome) said...

what a lovely post!

popping over from sits :) your boys are gorgeous!!

I have 2 blogs if you want to visit! which is my personal blog and also http://indiechickdesigns.blogspot.comwhich is my blog design business!

Emma Hughes said...

and i am your 30th follower woohoo!

Dreamgirl said...

A beautiful post Becky! And so very true... It's so wonderful that we can have fellowship with God. He is not just a distant acquaintance.

So may your weekend be blessed and Happy Saturday Sharefest

JanMary said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest from N Ireland.

So glad you commented. Lovely to "meet" you.

I love my kids prayers too - my youngest is now 4. So sweet, innocent and direct!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...



Kari said...

I wish we all could see and hear with a child's innocence! And it's true, we always feel the need to "dress up" prayer and make it more complicated than it needs to be. At times, I just tell the Lord that He knows my heart,how I feel, and what I need at the moment. Sometimes there are no words. What an awesome God we serve that we can go right to Him... can't get any better than that.

Thanks for your post and reminding us how "simple" it can be! =)


Becky said...

How very sweet. I can just picture in my head those 2 little guys mumbeling their prayers:) Too cute. God knows what they are saying even if you don't understand it all, lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my big day yesterday! It was so wonderful!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

This is just wonderful. I love it when my daughter prays at night and goes to a series of litany of this and that. Just makes me smile. Prayers come from the heart, that I agree with.

Debbie said...

How wonderful that you stop throughout the day to pray with your boys. What a great mom!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

How wonderful that you are teaching your boys to pray! Their simple, from the heart, prayers blessed my heart as well. It really is just that simple, a heart felt, honest conversation with our Father in heaven.

Congrats on your SITS day!