Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

Where to begin. We had a fun weekend and 4th. We spent the 4th with the Phelans and my sister Missy's family. Good food, good friends, who can complain? Not me. Part of the visit was spent with our first child, Luca (as in Luca Brasi from "The Godfather". He is the great dane pictured with Jared. The Phelans took him off our hands when we found out we were having twins because can you imagine newborn twins and that beast of a dog??? Nope, I surely can't. The boys LOVED their "glasses" (goggles) and had a blast swimming in the pool. THANK YOU PHELANS!!!!

In case you are thinking Jared must be short, he is 6'2".

When I say we are quirky, I mean it, people!

Celia and Eli definitely win the "fish" award. Neither of them wanted to get out of the pool, fortunately Celia didn't throw a huge fit like Eli though ;)

On Sunday Night some friends got together to say Bon Voyage to our friends Amos and Mariah. I am in denial about them leaving us but they are, in fact, and we had a nice time. They have been at our church for 11 years and I still remember their first Sunday. Weird?! We love them and have watched all of their kids grow up from infants. Ok, must move on in order to stay in the non-emotional denial zone that I am currently in. Anyways, these are the pics from that get together but Mariah did a much better slide show here.

All the girls!

The husbands!

Me and the girl version of my husband :) It's a native american thing!


John Deere Mom said...

That isn't a dog..it's a horse! OMG it's SO big! :)

I love the girl pic and boy pic. Very cute idea!!

Stephanie said...

Busy weekend. Great pics of the going away party. It makes me smile and cry. They will be greatly missed. Call me and we will make plans to get together!

Mariah said...

Okay. Mary Kay bought them PINK goggles?!?!? Too funny. And why did I take a picture with my camera around my neck!!! What a dork. Did you notice I did my moving posts non emotional!?

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Hah, she didn't buy them pink. They were Celia's I think. :)