Thursday, July 10, 2008

It Just Clicked

This is the most frustrating statement for me to hear. Examples: How did you get your child to drink from a sippy cup? Response from some wise soul who has accomplished this "one day, it just clicked." How did you get your child to sleep through the night? It just clicked. How did you lose 50lbs.? You get my drift. I am not these people. I like a formula, a manual of some sort on how to accomplish these things. My friends and family laugh at me because when it comes to parenting and many other subjects I am an avid reader and love to learn (not so much in elementary and high school but that is another story). I like answers. For instance, if you asked me how I got my children to sleep through the night I would have an actual response. I put them on a schedule and I think that is what did it. Anyways, today in the words of every seemingly arrogant parent before really just clicked. I have been in sippy cup hell for months. I cannot exactly wean my boys off bottles if they can't tip the stinking cup in order to drink from it (frustrated? me? not at all, well yes, VERY). So after not even trying for weeks I went for it today. There 15 months appt. is coming up and I tenatively planned to wean them by 1 year corrected age which is in less than 2 wks so although my goal is not going to be accomplished I thought I should keep plugging away. My pediatrician advised me to use a sippy cup with a blocker thing (not the official term but you know what I mean) and remove the said blocker. I had recently switched to trying the soft spout since it seemed like this would be easier but her logic was that they have to then suck and tip requiring a coordination they may not have. I have to stop for a moment and laugh at how ridiculously complicated this all is. Anyways, I have tried the removed blocker method twice before and somehow today it clicked. So here are pics of the evolution from non-sippy cup drinkers to professionals. I should say that they only drank a small portion and then proceeded to make milk rivers on their highchair trays and splashed it on the walls and floor. Cleaning this mess up required some serious planning on my part. So maybe they're not exactly professionals :)

Eli @ 11 months (1st pic) Today (14 1/2 months)

Alex 11 months old (1st pic) Today
He picked it up immediately, tipped it up and drank from it, like "what's the big deal Mom?"
So, in reality, it was STILL not an "it just clicked" moment b/c I first tried in March (see first sippy post). Oh well, I am just glad they got it. Good job boys!!!!!


Liz said...

I feel your frustration. It took us along time to get it as well. I still don't think Ryan gets it because he ends up drenched if I don't put one of those waterproof bibs on him. He drinks and spits it out or something. He has fun shaking it though. I am about to try a different cup with him. Kaylie gets it and doesn't make a mess. Also, the whole bottle thing frustrates me--they don't hold their bottles yet!! How am I suppose to wean them from something that they aren't attached to at all!?!?! anyway, good job boys!!

the schirano triplets said...

yay! i am so happy to hear that they just clicked with the sippy cups! mine are ok with using them as long as they can hold them like a bottle. but if i sit them up at way!

Harris Boys said...

good job boys...I'm one of those moms that would say it will just click. don't feel too boys are 19 m/o and still take a bottle at nightime and they drink just fine from a sippy.

way to go boys!!!

Jared & Becky said...

Glad to know I am not alone ladies!
Now on to self-feeding!

Collegegirl said...

Way to go boys!