Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This IS a challenge

I am sure that it doesn't help that the boys have been sick which makes things a bit off kilter but when did every single thing in the day become a battle. I put on the bib, they take off the bib. I put them down for naps, they play for an hour. I say get down from the entertainment center, they say "I'd rather climb on top of it, thank you very much". I say get out of the bathroom, they say "but this toilet water is awfully refreshing (ewww!). I say eat your green beans that you thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, they decide to spit them out or hurl them to the floor. Ugh, it has been a long day! I am also debating about the transition from two naps to one b/c about 60% of the time they aren't sleeping during their 2nd nap. Today I tried it. I took them to the library and walked around the pond there. Got them home at about 11am fed them brunch (I guess that's what it would be) and put them down at 11:30am (one hour after their usual morning nap). At 12:30 they were still screeching and playing so I thought I'd get them up and try again later. At this time I found Alex in his crib with the entire 80 count wipes strewn to and fro'. Hmmm great. I obviously didn't realize he could reach the changing table. Once I'd entered the room he began screaming b/c he and his brother (he was the chosen representation apparently) wanted up (or "utt" as Eli would say). So now they are back down for round 2 and it sounds quiet. I am exhausted due to our 4am breathing treatment and a couple of mini-crying moments last night. You know the ones: Child screams enough to rip you from your sleep, you rush to their aid and they are sound asleep. Don't you love this thing called parenthood? Yes, I do actually but toddlerhood is definitely becoming more of a challenge! I actually took pictures of the state of our house right now to show Jared. He knows it's rough some days but I found the need to have photographic evidence :) I will spare you the pics of my messy house that I need to go clean but here are pics from the library.

Their mother didn't seem stressed out. They just followed her around like the sweet little ducklings that they are. Maybe I should have gotten some pointers!

** On a happy note the librarian said that they could join the toddler story hour early (it is typically for 2 yr. olds) as long as they could sit still. I plan to try one and see how it goes because I truly am not sure that their little active selves can handle a 1/2 hour story time.

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Liz said...

this post was hilarious. I know not funny for you. We all can relate though. I wonder sometimes if I will survive toddlerhood too.