Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weaning 101

My boys are weaning school drop outs at this point. I read in an article by an infinitely wise Pediatrician (on the internet) that you should start weaning your infants at 6 months. Oops my boys are 10 (strike 1). This process begins by removing a bottle feeding and encouraging them to drink from a sippy cup while substituting the bottle for food. OK, I can swing this. I did it! Although, hmmm, they seem awfully cranky, they must be tired (strike 2 if you're keeping track). I mentioned my efforts to one of Eli's Dr.'s and she said that their main source of food should still be milk. The funny thing is I have heard this before BUT what about brilliant internet Pediatrician. Curses!!! (I guess we will call this strike 3) Now I am taking a more relaxed approach b/c the dr's have all agreed that we should try and have them off bottle by 1 year corrected which in our preemie world is 15 months. I can now breathe a sigh of relief because I have 5 long months before ripping Eli's best friend (his bottle) away from him. The sippy cup thing isn't going too smoothly either. The boys don't even hold their bottles (although I am sure they are capable). They lay their arms lazily to the side and let Mom and Dad do the work.

I have this theory that when they lay in bed in the mornings and babble they are actually plotting our demise. When we hear bababa, dadada, ect., this is what I think is really going on:

Alex to Eli: "Hey I figured something out. Don't stress out about the whole holding your bottle thing. Mommy and Daddy CAN'T stop feeding us!"

Eli: "Umm, I don't know, maybe they can't stop feeding you but I weighed 23lbs at my last appointment and Mom had to give more of my shirts to Jackson because they won't stay down over my belly. What if they try and hold back some of the yummy white nectar?"

Alex: "I'm telling you it's not gonna happen. They're not worried about your chub, relax. OH and keep up that bit where you act like you have NO idea what to do with the sippy cup. I love watching the Mommy lady try and show us how to suck on the sippy when you know perfectly well she can use a big girl cup! Classic!"

Eli: Yeah, I thought you'd like that one ;)

The other possibility is that they are just saying: mamama, bababa, dadada and that I need to get out more :)


Liz said...

so funny! I dread the whole process myself.

Harris Boys said...

don't stress about it...the boys will let you know when they are ready. we've put the bottles away, but have had to bring them out every once in ahwile. my advice is just leave a sippy out each day with some water in it to get the boys used to it. Don't push it. My boys will be 15 m/o this week and still take a bottle from time to time and they were not preemies!! Hang in there!