Friday, July 25, 2008

We are on the mend

The boys are feeling better after another long week of ailments. We actually spent all day Tuesday at the hospital due to breathing difficulties. Yesterday, however, they both really turned a corner and seem to be feeling much better. Nothing like a scare to remind you that these little guys are fragile. We are now in isolation. This is familiar to any parents of preemies but I'd forgotten how challenging it is to be cooped up. The pediatrician doesn't want them around anyone until they are better because she fears that if they get sick on top of what they have we may end up back in the hospital. I truly think that they will be fine but am happy to follow her precautions mainly because she is the one with the medical degree.

The upside of all this is that Jared was home with us most of this week. It was really nice to have his help with all of the extra responsibilities that sick babies bring (ie breathing treatments, medications, crabbiness) and the boys just love having him home as do I. Alex and Eli are starting to do so many new things. Alex gets up on his new bouncing zebra toy all by himself and Eli gets off of it by himself. Alex can also climb onto the couch and yesterday I caught him climbing on the entertainment center. I seriously think we are going to be forced to wall mount our TV. He is such a monkey. They are also saying new words all the time and shocking Jared and I . It is funny because we both look at one another in awe as if saying "did you hear it too?" I can now hand them bananas and they scarf them down. No more mushing those up which is nice. They have definitely come a long way with their eating and are moving towards all table food. We are thrilled about this as it seems our lives are spent running to the store to restock the pantry with those darn little jars of food.

I leave you with pics of the boys and there adventures. Oddly enough regardless of how sick they are they don't seem to slow down too much.
The famous pillow game. I picked this up from a blog I read and the boys love it. We toss all the couch pillow on the floor and they just climb all over them. Good times!


the schirano triplets said...

i hope that things clear up soon around your house...sorry to hear they are feeling sick and you had to pay a visit to the hospital. i will keep them in my prayers!

Harris Boys said...

hey becky. sorry to hear the boys have been sick and been in the hospital. so scary :(

we love the couch/pillow game too...cracks my boys up every time.

hope they are on the mend very soon :)

Liz said...

so sorry you have had to deal with illness. But I'm glad things seem to be better. I haven't had any illnesses with them yet (aside from a cold) and I am dreading the day.
so glad they love their pillow time!! Cheap fun! :)