Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eli's Surgery

It kind of hit me yesterday that no matter how much I try to downplay it I have to hand Eli over for surgery tomorrow. He is on antibiotics for an ear infection and I think part of me was hoping that they would delay the surgery (I like to think I can procrastinate away all my problems. It is a gift ;) ) unfortunately, anesthesia said the surgery is a go and that he will be unaffected by the antibiotics. Please pray for him. It is an outpatient surgery it is one that these amazing surgeons can do in their sleep but I am his Mommy and he is my precious baby so it is difficult for me today. The worst part of his last surgery was the part where they said "Mam (yes, they made me feel 95 by saying this) we are ready for him". This is the part where they take your baby from you and you let them. I would like to not let them but I figure that is a quick way to get on the news as the crazy lady who wouldn't give up her baby and fight and kicked so they wouldn't take him. So, I will give him over to the nurses, surgeons but more importantly to God. I appreciate your prayers and just to reassure you it is just a hypospadias repair . (Yikes I had a hard time finding a link that didn't involve pictures). Anyways, please don't go jumping on my bandwagon of worry I truly am releasing it to God. Just say a prayer! Thanks!


Harris Boys said...

good luck sweet eli...I hope he is home and is recovering. Please let us know how it went. Poor little guy and mama

BoufMom9 said...

I just said a prayer for dear Eli and will add him to the prayer list on my blog.