Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Developmental Assessment

1st time holding Eli (9 days old)
Today we had a developmental assessment for the boys. They did wonderfully and there are no concerns at this point. We are so relieved and excited. On the days that we do developmental assessments we also visit the NICU and see the Dr.'s and Nurses that helped our little babies. We both got a little choked up today while entering the unit. I think it just hits you sometimes that things could have ended quite differently for us. I also think that the memories of having to leave our babies there for 11wks not knowing what their fate would be overwhelm us at times. We thank God that Alex and Eli are doing so well.

We ran into a Grandma who had twin grandsons in the unit who were born at 24 wks 3 days and weighed appx 1lb. 5oz. She started crying when she spoke to us and we tried to encourage her with the story of the boys and their progress but Jared and I both wished that we could just remove this trial from them and that their little boys would be perfect and healed and HOME. It is hard to say why some of us endure certain trials while others have different ones. All of this reminded me of a story that was passed onto us from a friend called
"The Smell of Rain". Some may think it sounds crazy and unbelievable but it encouraged me greatly and I believe in a God that is this big. When I was pregnant I read a lot of books and all of them talked about the need for skin to skin contact with your babies after birth. To a mother of preemies this become greatly discouraging b/c not only could I not have this contact with them at birth but I didn't even see them for 2 days and then too much stimulation tends to overwhelm them at times. This story reminded me that God had it under control. It is not for me to stress out about whether or not this lack of contact will deter them in any way. They are taken care of by their heavenly Father.

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Harris Boys said...

SO SO glad to hear the boys are doing great! Praise God, that is awesome!! I can only imagine how hard it is for you guys to re-visit the NICU..we were really blessed with full term babies and thank God everyday for them.