Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cram Session!

The boys have a developmental assessment in a couple of weeks and I think they are cramming. I guess it is possible that, like their mother, they prefer to procrastinate on some things. Eli started holding his bottle this week and clapping. He continues to army crawl and get around pretty quickly. He's learning so many new things every day. Alex has been pulling up to stand this past week and a half or so although he would pull up to his knees for quite some time before that. Look out PT and OT's here we come! :) We are so thankful for how well they are doing.

Nice form Eli!

He claps when you say "Yay Eli"!

Success! They love their remotes!

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Harris Boys said...

aw, that is wonderful they are starting to do some many new things..don't you just love the clapping. I get the biggest kick out of watching them clap their little hands. Try peek-a-boo..that is great too!!