Friday, April 18, 2008

A Day in the Life of 2 ONE YEAR olds!

This is the best one that I could get of them together. They are no longer lumps that you prop up to take pics of . They are moving targets :)

Today is the day that the boys were born 1 year ago. Alex was born at 9:45 and Eli 9:46 weighing 2lbs 6oz and 2lbs 2oz. They now weigh 18lbs 11oz (alex) and 23lbs 3oz (eli). We had a fun day. Jared and I went in to get the boys together and wished them a Happy Birthday and tried to explain to them that they are ONE!!! It is beautiful here and we went to the park and walked and to the library. Aunt Missy, Colin and Olivia visited us and so did Aunt Kim. All of this before Daddy is even home. So here are some pics of our day! Their party is tomorrow and we are looking forward to it.

Alex sharing 1 yr. old wisdom with Elmo

Eli, feeling cocky about his age, attempts to conquer the world :)

Our trip to the library where we found a couple of books and Baby Einstein DVD's!!!

So tired and it wasn't even 11am
So there it is Alex and Eli's First B-day! I plan to follow up with a more sentimental post about who each of them seem to be at this point in their life but I would like to enjoy some of the peace and quiet during their nap!


Ashhog said...

Happy Birthday Boys! Sounds like a fun day-can't wait to see pictures of the party!

Harris Boys said...

Happy Birthday BIG guys have come a long way and I know your mommy and daddy are so proud!!! Hope the party was a BLAST!! can't wait to see pics!