Friday, April 11, 2008

We're Back!

We made it home from Florida and had a fabulous time. We stayed with Steve and Laurel and had a lot of fun with them and Nathaniel, Allie and Teddy. I had so much extra help! Above is a picture of Jared and Steve in their beautiful neighborhood complete with Spanish Oak trees. Jared has been off all this past week and went back today. It is always an adjustment after long breaks but we are getting back into the swing of things today. The boys had a lot of firsts while there. First time sleeping away from home (other than the NICU of course), first time enjoying a pool, first plane ride, first time in big boy car seats, first time in a high chair at a restaurant. I know you may be thinking that they are almost one and you cannot believe they are just now having these firsts BUT we are a little overprotective :) We loosened up quite a bit on this trip and even let some strangers hold the boys on the plane!! We were desperate for extra arms and when a couple of nice elderly ladies asked we were all for it. We enjoyed the sunshine and 80 degree weather and yet it is always nice to be home. We have begun the countdown and the boys will be 1 in less than a week. I cannot believe it!

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Harris Boys said...

lol at that last pic...he was worn out!! glad the trip was a success!!