Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've Come A Long Way Baby(ies)!

As the boys 1st birth day approaches Jared and I have been reminiscing a lot about their rough start in the world. Not because we are downers who like to wallow in what once was but because it enables us to appreciate these little lives Gods entrusted us with. I remember being thankful for the middle of the night wake ups because 1) I knew they were alive and well and 2) I would get to hold them and love on them. I should mention (before Jared reads this) that there were also times as a frustrated mother of twins that I wasn't quite so happy to be awakened in the night. I don't want to paint a perfectly rosy picture because until twins get on the same schedule, well, it can be a nightmare and you feel like God may have over-estimated your capabilities :)

In the next few weeks until my babies are one I thought I would share some older pics and show how blessed we are. When the looked like this, every day we would call the NICU when we woke up and check on our boys and although at the time I am not sure we would have admitted it we were making sure that they were still alive. Even as I "say" that I get chills but what is amazing is what God has done in the lives of these 11 month old boys ALREADY! They are doing SO well. I will admit that some of these pics aren't very glamorous and I hated seeing some of them at the beginning but I am so glad that we have them. The top two are the boys at at birth and just after and the other two are at a month old.

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Harris Boys said...

OMG you guys have really come a long way. What tiny miracles and look at them today. WOW, just amazing!!!