Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Such Freedom!

Alex began to hold his bottle all by himself today. I haven't really pushed it and figured that they would hold it when they were ready but I have to admit it is quite freeing when I can plop A in his boppy with his bottle and get E out of his crib and get him all settled.
I have to admit that I have begun to take them drinking their bottles for granted. This was not always so. Alex was fed exclusively through a tube for a month (fed first 5/20) and Eli for almost two (fed first 6/3) at which time we tried 1 bottle feeding/day which would increase to 1/shift, ect. Feeding them for the first time was very scary. I eagerly anticipated that first feeding day and when it arrived and I was sitting there with a tiny bottle and very tiny baby in hand I was a nervous wreck. I believe his first feeding had 15cc's in it which is 1/2 an ounce. I think he took 5 cc's for me and then I handed him over to the nurse. Both Alex and Eli had to be able to take all feedings from a bottle before they could come home with us. Here are some pics of my big boy and his accomplishments! Oh I should mention that they now, both, take 8 oz bottles like champs! :) I pray that I will never forget how far God has brought them.

"how ya like me now?"

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Liz said...

aw that is great! I can't wait for mine to hold their bottles.