Friday, March 14, 2008

The fun has just begun!

Our boys are just shy of 11 months old and for the last couple of months I have been dealing with their lack of contentment :). They only want the toy that the other one has. We are fortunate to have received hand-me-downs from our friends who also have twins (thanks Shannon and Jeff) so we have two of a lot of things. Unfortunately, this has not helped our current state. There may not appear to be a difference to us but in their little minds their toy can't possibly be as exciting as the one their brother has. it begins. I am already saying "No, don't take that , your brother is playing with that". Alex currently has the upper hand b/c although Eli is bigger he is less mobile. It is unfortunate that Alex can't "look down the pipe" and see that the repercussions to these actions may not be pretty. He did go a step too far yesterday when he tried to take Eli's bottle. Eli smacked Alex across the face. No, I am not kidding. He smacked him 3 times to be exact. I grew up with 3 sisters and although Mindy swears that I punched her once (I think she is delusional :) ) we didn't have the type of fights where someone ends up injured. My mother in law on the other hand has told me stories about my husband that ended with someone going through the front picture glass window. Hmmmm......great!

Fortunately I have time before I have to worry about things like that and in the mean time I will work on this smaller, much more manageable challenge my babies are throwing at me. I guess the grass is always greener mentality that the boys are displaying is pretty typical, as adults we are not much better. I know just like I wish that my sons will learn to be content with what they have been given. God looks at me, his child, and wants the same thing.

I have attached one of Eli's victories. He does win the pacifier war on a pretty regular basis. I should mention that although Eli is "King Pacifier Stealer Extraordinaire" he has no desire to actually use it. He just gloats over his conquest (as seen above). Such brotherly love.

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Harris Boys said...

aw, you just gets fun! the boys fight over everything and Andrew always wants what Ethan has no matter what it is. I think I say 'no' and 'that's not yours' about 100 times or more a