Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness

My babies are sick. It looks like croup. Unfortunately for preemies this can be serious due to their breathing difficulties. That being said this week we have spent numerous hours at the emergency room and dr's office. We are exhausted. Unfortunately when babies don't get enough sleep they don't just do the logical thing and crawl back into bed. They press on as if nothing is offother than the fact that they are the whiniest little bubbas on the planet. We are very surprisedthat the boys have been the sickest this month. The good news is that Spring is officially here tomorrow (although the forecast calls for snow on Friday) and we have had no serious illnesses all winter. Thank you, Lord. Preemies first winters often involve re-hospitalization and ours did not.

Here are pics of Alex and Eli watching Baby Beethoven. We are "those" parents. The ones who
swore their children would not watch TV until they were two. Well, the boys turned 11 months old yesterday and while at a Mom 2 Mom sale we caved. We do deserve a break here b/c it was only $5. I mean who could resist this temptation :) We hope to use it rarely but after the past 4 or so nights of little sleep this video came in handy. So today, despite the many times I have said my children won't veg out in front of videos, I would like to take a moment and thank you, Mrs. Baby Einstein Video Maker, you are my hero (this week)! As you can see in the pictures the boysenjoy the video.


Liz said...

Hope everyone feels back to themselves real quick! Don't worry about the video. It's educational!

Harris Boys said...

aw, poor guys. They don't look like they feel too good. We love our videos over here, no harm in a few mins from time to time :)

tbonegrl said...

I am so sorry to hear they have croup, Jack is just now over it. Luckily because of our preemie-ness, we got steroids right off the bat which kicked's hoping it's gone soon for you!

Mommy Brain said...

Sorry to hear about the croup! hope they're feeling better.

Don't feel bad about the Baby Einstein videos. I was the same way (swearing I would never let them watch tv). At around 2 months old it was the one thing that would keep them entertained for the 20 minutes it would take for me to shower, dress, and start breakfast each morning. I don't regret it at all. Even my pediatrician friend agreed that our sanity was more important than any effects from 30 minutes of TV.