Friday, December 2, 2011

So much to blog about

I'm a little behind in my blogging.  There is just always so much to blog about and so little time.  The holidays are SO fast approaching.  We keep things low-key but it is still busy.  Honestly the busyness right now seems to be appointments and a baby who is cutting four teeth and STILL has a cough.  The kids OT, PT, Neurosurgery appointments have all gone SO well but they have kept us hopping and working with them on these various treatments plans.  I will dedicate a whole post to that this weekend assuming I have time to catch up on my blogging.

For now here are the pics from last weekend when the boys and I made sugar cookies with what was on hand.  So if you are thinking they are not very "Christmas-y" it is because I only had leftover sprinkles from previous cookie endeavors.

Post bath and time to decorate.
Eli dumped the entire contents of the container on each cookie every time. Thankfully most of the jars were almost empty.

This was there first time licking the beaters.  What kind of mother am I?  They are almost 5.  :)  Seriously thought this was just frosting so I didn't have to worry about salmonella.  As a kid on the other hand we ate raw batter often and lived to tell about it.  I have great memories of my Mom or Grandma yelling "Who wants to lick the beaters??"  I am pretty sure I won that race every time.  Should I admit that??? :)

Have a great weekend!!!

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