Friday, December 16, 2011


Insta-friday again.  Here is a bit about our rearrangedPicnik collagePicnik collaged859f076239c11e19e4a12313813ffc0_7
1.  Addie blowing raspberries.
2.  Goodbye to our awesome washer.  I will miss you but you quit working over a month ago.  Our new one will be here tomorrow and while you are pretty I prefer that you function.  Buh-bye.
3. Charley got an early Christmas gift.  You see when we leave him in the car so that we don't lose him Alex gets concerned that he will be cold so we bought him a parka (target $1 section).  Isn't he cute??
4.  Cookie swap after-math.  After all that baking I really wasn't sure if my kitchen would EVER look the same again.
5.  Precious.  The boys reading together before lights out.
6.  Alex's new, new hair-cut.  His first hair cut was THE WORST EVER and we had to go back the next day.  It is much better now.
7.  My favorite.  This was a night that Jared took the boys out and Addie was in bed.  It was a perfect cold December night in Michigan.  I had my space heater, magazine, quilt and peppermint hot chocolate.  Ahhh.

So now I am looking forward to the weekend and having Jared home more.  Also I can't wait to use my new washer. (The last sentence can be categorized under "things you never thought you'd EVER say when you were in your 20's and single".)   ;)

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