Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Is five the age when boys just start to destroy things?  We are just a few months away and yesterday, the boys knocked a frame off the wall, broke another frames glass (at two completely different times of the day), broke the knob off our lamp and lost it, AND broke a library CD in two.  It was a $15 disc from 1990 that I thought would be great for night time listening however it was completely cheesy and we listened to 1/2 a song before Eli declared he "hated that one".  I had to agree.  Well, anyways now we paid for it and it is completely unusable (not that we would have used it).  YAY!

Winter weather is here and they are cooped up more so I am guessing the destruction from their play is going to increase. I am going to look into getting them into swimming and try and wear there little bodies out.  I am also thankful for the basement because there is not much other than our TV that they can destroy down there.

I am off to OT with Eli today.  He qualified.  I am planning to get ideas from the session and do them at home with Alex to develop his fine motor also.  We are doing this 2x/wk for the next  weeks.  It is about an hour away so it is quite a commitment, especially at Christmas time.  I am excited though to see what they are able to do and to have some one on one time with my boy.  We also have hair cuts tonight which I am SO excited about, Jared not so much.  He likes it long and shaggy.  I am hoping that we will find a good compromise today.

So that's my day, how bout yours??

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