Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Up North

We have been very busy since we got back. I always forget how busy Summers get. It is fun busy but busy nonetheless. Anyways, this is where we stayed. Jared and I have been going to this lake since before we dated. This is where sparks first flew. We love it here.

It was a bit different with kids. Addie was teething. Eli got a little sick. It rained about 90% of the time we were there. BUT it was still nice to go back. I loved having Jared around to hear all of the hysterical things the boys are saying. I loved being there as a family. We definitely made some memories.
IMG_1849The boys were in heaven with all of the sand and water. They didn't mind the cold at all.
And they picked Mommy flowers every. single. day.


I'm sure we will all go back. How could we not? :)


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