Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}



I am so grateful this year to be chopping watermelon and packing bathing suits into bags.

Last year at this time I was well into my bedrest and approaching hospital bedrest where, coincidentally, I craved watermelon LIKE CRAZY.

This whole Summer will feel "pretty" compared to last. Although lots of lessons were learned AND we got a little Addie out of it. TOTALLY worth it.

I also look back at the time with fond memories. I would NEVER have chosen it but that's what is great about God. He knows what we need and doesn't leave it up to us no matter how much we think we know what we are doing.


Birthday to me.

{Happy/Funny combo}

I got Addie clapping (another developmental milestone she needed to conquer) on video. That makes Mommy and Daddy VERY happy. Try not to get dizzy and enjoy my child putting his hand in front of the camera. Both boys do this. As if seeing your hand is something novel. :)


I am 35. I have a Dr. appointment today regarding allergies, blood pressure and I need a skin check. How is that for REAL? :)

Thankfully, after all that fun at the doctors I am also going on a date with my husband. YAY. I think we are finally going to the old bookstore downtown that has 5 floors. I would also like to shoot some pics downtown while were are at it. We will see.

My children are rising so gotta go. I have no picture for the "real". I could take a picture of a laugh line or other various wrinkle on my face to prove my age. :)

round button chicken

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Leila said...

That is a very enticing picture of watermelon! Happy birthday!