Tuesday, June 14, 2011

they crack each other up

a twin thing?

a brother thing?

who knows


We went to the village with my sisters (2 of them) and their kids yesterday.

We arrived a 1/2 late for various reasons (like Eli putting his shorts on backwards 3 times and then leaving without shoes, and Mom knocking over the juice she'd just poured AND of course Addie realizing she needs to dirty a diaper RIGHT before we leave).


Within 2 minutes of arriving Alex fell and skinned his knee pretty badly and NEEDED to be carried.

My clean white shirt was full of chocolate custard and blood by the time I left.

My sisters and I sometimes ask "why do we leave the house? is it worth it?"

To which we answer a resounding "YES!"

otherwise we would be going crazy all by ourselves


The boys had a blast with all of their cousins. It was fun to watch them all play together. I enjoyed stealing small bits of conversation in between all the Mommy duties we had to perform.

Yep, those smiles make it TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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LauraC said...

They look so grown up all of a sudden!!