Friday, June 17, 2011

The Library


We hit our library almost weekly. Ours has a TON of videos/DVD's that the boys love and of course the books. They also have a puzzle, coloring and puppet area. We attend storytime during the "school year" and in the summer they have a reading program where you log reading time and get little prizes. This year they are also having some specials with the Fire Department and various story-tellers.

I love the inter-library loan system. I can reserve almost any book I want and it will usually be available in a couple of days. This summer I know I'll be reading books on photography so that I can learn to take pictures well. I also picked up a book on teaching the boys to read. They have been watching "Meet the Sight Words" (all from the library) and are suddenly very interested in reading words for themselves so I plan to go with it and see how far they want to take it.


Other than these types of books I've been reading a little L.M. Montgomery and may do the "Anne" series this summer. Not sure. I love reading series if you have any suggestions e-mail me or comment. Or just a good book is fine.

This book, "Caps for Sale", was familiar to me. I am assuming I read it as a child. It was written in the 40's. We read it yesterday and the boys LOVED it. I wonder if that is why I remember the illustrations. I love how some books span the generations in appeal.


The one below has a poem for every season. It is by John Updike, written in the 60's. It is really good and I do not consider myself a fan of poetry. We've checked it out a few times.


This week we are also trying a couple of wordless books. I tend to not get these because well, they are wordless. I have since read a little about the benefits of these types of books and "read" them both to Alex yesterday. He LOVED them.

So we will continue to make our weekly trips to the library and checking out way too many books and pay a few too many late fees. Yeah, I gotta be honest, we basically pay a little bit for the "free" library. :)

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Janna said...

I LOVE libraries! Our's is half mile away and we walk there or ride bikes almost weekly. I could never afford to buy the amount of books I read, nor would I have room to store them, so the library is perfect! Plus, my boys love the storytime and love picking out their own books.

Also, meant to mention on Addie's 11 month post - your baby girl is gorgeous! LOVE the pic of her sitting up and smiling at the camera - TOO MUCH CUTENESS!