Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Glimpse...

Addie's new feeding schedule is not the most convenient. Her first morning bottle is now at the same time that the boys are waking and need my attention. It involves Morning snuggles for the crankies. Potty trips and clean undies. Breakfast and chocolate rabbit (choc. milk) making. The busyness of the morning. Her 3rd feeding now falls at dinnertime. I need to make a change. In the meantime I will tell you the realities of this morning.

I made cinnamon toast on whole wheat bread which makes up for the fact that you are just pouring sugar on top of it and calling it breakfast. I know it doesn't, actually but let's pretend for my sanity's sake that it does make it "healthier". OK, moving on.

I managed to make the toast and pour the milk before settling down with my Addie and her bottle. This lasted as long as a piece of "sugar toast" lasts in the hand of a 3 1/2 yr old boy. NOT LONG. "I need another one, please" is uttered and I decide to put Addie down and make more. She's not happy. OK boys happy, back to bottle feeding. "I need another one."

At this point I decide that I can bottlefeed a baby and butter toast. I drop said bottle in butter and decide that this feat is physically impossible. You can't hold toast and butter it with one hand. I once again have to set her down. Alex asks AGAIN after this and I say "wait until I am finished feeding your sister".

Then, because he is resourceful, he holds up a piece that was Eli's and asks if he can just eat that. I say "yes". Here is the bad part....I said yes, fully knowing that sweet Eli just likes to eat the top part full of butter, sugar and cinnamon off the top and then licks whatever he didn't manage to eat off on the first round. He then asks for more and discreetly puts his first piece of toast to the side. So, in short, Alex ate toast that had been licked and gnawed on a lot.

Bottom line: Alex was happy, Addie was happy, Eli was happy and although I was slightly grossed out all in all Mama is happy. :)

See, "perfect Mom", I am NOT.

Oh, gotta go Alex's wants more. Sheesh.


Sari said...

Wow you're a good mom. I babysat for a friends 5 month old this morning and I pretty much told my boys to go fly a kite while I was feeding the baby. Guess that means I shouldn't have another one? :)

Liz said...

I'm ROFL! I have not exposed my kids to the wonderful cinnamon toast world. I know they would love it. I already give them french toast bites with all that sugar and cinnamon on them and let's not forget the powdered sugar Ryan needs every time. I made the mistake of saying it looked like snow and now he is hooked on having snow on his bites. I'm sure juggling it all is hard. I know Kaylie wouldn't stand for being told to wait! LOL