Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Glimpse

I like these glimpses. I think someday my memory will fail me and I will wonder what life looked like on a snowy, Saturday morning when the boys were 3 and Addie was 6 months old.

I'd take pics but since I am cameraless currently, I will describe what I see.

There are a pile of pancake dishes in the sink waiting to be washed because Alex and Eli and I made them this morning. Jared loved them and asked what was different. Butter. It makes everything taste better.

There are clothes in the baskets needing to be folded and put away.

There is a pile of clothes at the back door. Gloves, boots, hats, mittens. We all went out and shoveled today and Daddy built the boys a snow slide. Eli stayed out until his lips were blue. Alex lasted about 15 minutes before he wanted to go in. Addie slept in her warm crib. Smart Girl!

Right now the boys are snuggled under a quilt watching a movie and waiting for Mommy to join them. Addie, still in crib sleeping. Smart Girl!

Jared is shoveling snow at the church and wherever else his shovel leads him. He is soon to return for a family afternoon nap. Not together but all at the same time. Ideally, that is. We'll see how that works out.

Tonight we will head to church. Not cubby church, as the boys would say, but reg-a-lur church.

It all sounds so nice and it is, in between the fights and the tantrums, it is quite peaceful. :)

This morning while having pancakes I had to utter these words "Stop stabbing each other with forks!" That is a little more realistic, nowadays. :)

Alright the boys are calling.

Here's a flashback picture. What happened to these baby boys? :)


Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great glimpse of motherhood. I love that you had to say "Stop stabbing each other with forks." Sounds like something I've said.

Tara said...

Their smiles are darling!

Over from Simply Modern Mom :)

Annie@A View On Design said...

great idea - they are soo cute in that pic too!!

Coffee Break Mama said...

oh, I love this - beautifully written. We have such a nice little life between fights and temper tantrums too :)