Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Addie is on track. Can I get an AMEN?

So Miss Addie Pants was quite a challenge in utero and we expected she'd be a little high maintenance from here on out but she has let up on us a bit. We had a VERY healthy fall and she has yet to have any issues other than a sniffle since being home. We are very thankful to God for these blessings.

Being the third child I haven't exactly tracked all of her developmental milestones. I also don't track that carefully because one thing I have learned with preemies is that all children do things in their own time and A LOT depends on their personality (laid back, intense, etc.). Having said that, I do occasionally crack open the list and make sure the kids aren't seriously lagging because I am all for early intervention if there is a problem.

Last week, Jared asked if she was on track and I busted out "the book" and it indicated that she was on track for her actual age which was really exciting for us. The only thing she hadn't yet done was roll over. I bet you can guess where this is going.

I laid her on her tummy today and headed to do the dishes. I checked on her moments later and she was on her back . I called Jared and told him that in typical 3rd child fashion, she had rolled over but no one saw it. With the boys I probably had it recorded and set it to music but sweet little Addie did it all on her own. Ah well, I'll get it on video eventually and just label it "1st time". She'll never know, right? Unless she reads my blog someday.

Like I said, she'll never know. :)

I did blog about it though which counts. ...... Addison Lily rolled onto her back on January 5th, 2011. You go girl!!!!


Our little snowball

My friend Heidi's Mom made this sweater. Heidi passed it onto Addie and I thought she looked adorable and like a little snowball. :)

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