Wednesday, January 5, 2011

seen & heard

Conversation with boys while playing Hungry Hippos. We were having fun playing their version of the game when I thought I would teach them a bit about the rules. I explained that the one who eats the most marbles (I was interrupted at this point by Alex who explained that they are not marbles they are hippo food. Duh. Thanks, bud.). Anyways, the one with the most hippo food at the end wins.

Eli responds: What's wins?

Me: Um, when you have the most you win.

Eli: What's most?

Me: the highest number of marbles, I mean hippo food, is the most. It's kind of hard to explain, buddy.

Eli: What's comesplain?

Me: No, EXplain.

Me: Let's just play your way, it's perfect. :)

I go into Eli's room after lights out and it is dark (obviously). He says "there's a man hiding in the trees." After a minor heart attack I glance toward the window and realize his shades are down and question him about his statement and he says "Not HERE on Peter Pan there was a man hiding in the trees." Glad he cleared that up quickly because I was about to scream for Jared!!!

The boys like to hide in my closet and play with my jewelry box. It is like a hidden treasure chest to them. One of the necklaces is one that I wore for our wedding and I told the boys this. I explained to them that I married Daddy. Alex followed up my explanation with "I am going to marry you, Mama!" (cue the heartwarming music) I was honored of course. :) Eli then after deliberating for a moment said "Well, then I am going to marry my Daddy". I thought that was so sweet. What better compliment could a child give. I am going to enjoy that now because if I were to mention that to them when they are teenagers I am pretty sure they would be SO grossed out. :)

You may notice the lack of pictures. My camera died. I am in mourning. I am attempting to be patient for a replacement but I kind of just got a new house so I can't complain. :) Me without a camera is like I am missing a limb but I guess if I have to find a positive, I am not adding to my millions of photos that I've yet to organize properly. :)

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