Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Finally a hearing update.

I cannot believe the baby of the family is 6 months old. I am SO enjoying having a baby around. That sounds a bit weird because everyone loves babies but I feel like with the boys it was kind of hectic, you know doubling up on everything and I got a bit caught up in the scheduling of things. Now with Addie I soak up more of it because I KNOW (BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT) that she is my last baby. :)


taken via iphone @ Children's Hospital

She's really sweet and let me tell you she is a talker. She wants to be part of the action and don't expect her to sleep or eat if there is something better going on. She is definitely my one that has to be taken to a quiet room sometimes just to chill out. She also has to cry it out a bit before she falls asleep because she fights it SO HARD. Jared is going to laugh at the crying it out thing because he swears I don't do it but I SWEAR I do (just not for long). We all have our limits, right? Her cries pierce my heart sometimes, I can't help it, I am a Mama.

Anyways, little miss 6 months old is a lot of fun and has taught me to go with the flow WAY more than I did with my firsts. Live and learn and all that, I guess.

She is still doing really well on the preemie front and other than a few colds she has had no major issues. She went for a hearing follow up today and they did determine that she needed tubes and she still did not pass the inner ear test due to the fluid. This time however they decided to do a behavioral hearing test. There were actual audible sounds (1st time for this) and the audiologist explained that due to her age (4 months corrected, 6 months actual) they did not expect her to turn her head, so don't be disappointed when she did not, but they were watching her for a startle, blink, small kind of reaction.

I held her on my lap, and acted as if I was not there, as instructed. Inside I got a little nervous. Every parent wants their child to pass tests whether hearing, math or spelling, right? The woman conducting the tests left the booth and began with the sounds. Which went as follows: Sound on right-Addie turned right. Sound on left-Addie turned left. Um, is she passing???? Woman in booth-huge cheesy smile and a thumbs up. I am in shock and thinking she is just trying to encourage a nervous mommy after a few sounds. The sounds continue, Addie responds to each sound appropriately. I shift a little to make sure I am not subconsciously tilting her to the right where the sounds are currently coming from. I know I am such a pillar of faith, aren't I? The sounds continue at different tones and she responds to each.

The woman enters the booth and says she passed with flying colors AND (here comes the part that I can't type without crying) she says she responded to these sounds, developmentally, the way an 8 month old would. Whew, I held back the tears then but am not able to now. We have waited 6 months to hear that she could in fact hear. We have been waiting since I was about 15 weeks pregnant to hear that she was alright developmentally (but that is another LONG post). I am in awe.

As I mentioned, the Dr. did decide that she needs tubes and as she was explaining the process I could hardly concentrate and tears were starting to well up. She probably just thinks that I am another worried parent that is freaking out about the tubes procedure. I was, in fact, thanking God that my daughter can hear and that she is currently developing, not only as she should be, but she is a little ahead of the game.

It's ridiculous. That is currently my most often used phrase right now . When I wake up every morning in a new house where I have a place for everything and know where everything is (unless it is Addie's Birth Certificate form, in that case, NO IDEA). When I figure something out about my new appliances (that are AMAZING) I'll say "This is ridiculous". Seriously, it is not my life since the move or since I realized Addie was doing well it is my life in Christ and without intending to sound disrespectful.....IT IS RIDICULOUS! In an amazing way, a really God-given, God-inspired AMAZING way. That doesn't mean that Jared and I life an idyllic life (have you read this blog?). We have had our trials but we are blessed beyond what we ask or even think.


I told you she was a talker. Doesn't she look like she's on the phone. (5 months old)


5 month paper towel pic. I haven't taken one yet this month.



Janna said...


I'm thrilled to read this post - Go Addie!

And that pic of her 'talking on the phone' - ADORABLE!!!!

Liz said...

Yay for Addie! She is just adorable and I can imagine the second time parenting thing to be much easier and relaxed.