Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Big Snow

We got snow this past week and the boys responses, as usual, were quite different. One morning we got a good amount of snow after Jared had already shoveled and left for work. I decided it would be good exercise and good fun for them to get out there and use their new snow shovels. Alex decided he did not want to. He held his resolve until Eli was in his full snow gear including his "sergeant" pants (snow pants? not sure why, but whatever)with shovel in hand. Suddenly Alex wanted to go too. They had a great time and so did I.

This past weekend Jared went out to shovel again and I geared the boys up to join him except Alex wasn't into it. Luckily, for him he would get the luxury of staying in today because Mom and Dad were home. You see twins rarely want to do the same thing but often they have to in order to accomodate the other. I am sure it is the same with all sibling relationships. Anyways, it is nice when they get to be their own little person and decide which activity they prefer.





Everyone was happy!

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